i forgot i even had one.

im getting SMASHED TO PIECES at school. when is there time to sleep if i'm just laying in bed trying to figure out what needs to get done by what time the next day...blah blah blah. its annoying. its something that i really hate about new york city.
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+i smell french fries+

i am obsessed with:

+ spicy cheese, hot pepper, mayo, lettuce and black pepper sandwiches that i get for $1.50 at the corner store near me

+ LOST....as of last night, santi and i have watch 3 full seasons in about less than 3 weeks

+ sleeping...my dreams have ruled recently...lots of flying

+ union square at night...i like dancing in drum circles

+ his cooking. mua, fucking the best because i sure as hell cant cook

+ my apartment and location

+ the witch crafty store near me that i have fallen in love with because of the candles they sell there...very religious...bright...beautiful

santi and i are going here for two weeks. we have no where to stay and don't plan doing the hotel thing because its expensive. sleeping on the beach in costa rica, here i come.
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+and counting+

first look at this...

its almost one and i have yet to start working on my paper. oh good. its due tomorrow by noon and then im finished with this year forreal. today my parents drove up from maryland and helped me move everything into the new place in brooklyn so as of this afternoon, the only thing i have left in my dorm is this computer. i need to start looking for a job. i dont really care where i work as long as it pays. i know i keep saying this but my new place in brooklyn is really great- i love it. i love how much room i have. shit, i can spin in circles and play sleeping bag-worm tag if i want and im all about that. santi is a cleaning nazi though so the place always feels nice too. i enjoy it. i do...gasp...dishes and gasp.....pick up after myself now. brooklyn has done some crazy ass shit to me as you can see. im starting to take private spanish lessons too which i think is pretty cool. i found this guy off of craigs list and he charges only 20 dollar for hour which is fucking dirt cheep for any private language lesson and we meet up in coffee shops once a week.

1:14am. oh good. i have finished so far my name and the date on my paper. im going places.
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our new place is perfect. we're hopefully painting the walls within the next few days. i'm thinking a goldish red orangie color. i'm siked. i'm slowly going to start moving my stuff in this month. the area where im living is going to be in.......bushwick, brooklyn annnnd...it can be an interesting...area. but its straight. i like the neighborhood i'll be living in and im only 3 blocks from the subway. and........ on top of that........i'm going to be living with santi.
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so i just signed the papers for my new place in brooklyn. as of april 1st, i can move in!!!

this summer is going to be amazing.
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+cave rat+

i'm pretty happy about this snow right now. new york has been lacking hard this year. big ups to global warming....kidding.

things have been going really well for the most part. im feeling a bit stuck with where im going with my art blah blah blah i doubt anyone really wants to read this blah blah blah blah so ill spare the details but thats really my only gripe.

this boy Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and i are in the process of trying to find a place. i think its not going to be as hard as we were expecting which is really good. we found something on 11th between first and second for only 1000 a month. its a pretty good seize as well which was surprising for the price and the location....... spilt two ways is seriously nothing for rent in manhattan. they need someone to be able to move in now so the place is a no go but the fact that we found something for so cheap gives me hope. so big ups to real estate too.

my spring break starts this thursday at 2pm. i shall be in maryland later that night as well as the following 11 days. the boy is coming too but not until wednesday. we're going to go see chuck brown. im siked.

last night we went to this party that was something out of a moive....you needed a password to get in, four different floors, huge warehouse packed with people, people dancing naked with fire on table tops, drag queens, crazy outfits, little tents in the middle of some rooms where you could go inside and make s'mores, great music, gogo cages, huge three person swings hung from the ceiling...you get the point. shit was crazy. i love new york.
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